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Welcome to Shadow

A pitched war between good and evil  fought with blood, sweat and fairy dust.


Shadow Book 4: The Last Blasted Fairy

It has been one month since muses and fairies allied to topple the muse king from power. But the new peace is uneasy, and Shadow's troubles are far from over: blood has been spilled on the Apple of Chaos. Purple lightning cracks between the worlds - and somebody is murdering muses.

Far from the unrest, Blasted Fairy Fizz Pop has her own problems. Stealing a magic chaos crystal might not have been the best idea, but accidentally blasting holes in space and time with it isn't helping either. She and her raggedy new forest man are up to their ears in vampires, murdered muses and angry ex-wives...

But it is the scarred, hooded stranger who stalks them through Shock Forest that could either save - or destroy - the last of the Blasted Fairies, and all of Shadow.

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