A Little Viking Inspiration

It's not often your friendly local fantasy author gets out for a little R&R...

Who am I kidding? Every chance I get, I love to go out and experience something. It's so very important to have downtime, to do new things, to do old things, and on the odd occasion, to go and spend ten hours straight at the local medieval carnival cuddling snakes, checking out the shiny things, cheering the burning of the dragon (not a real dragon BTW I totes checked before cheering) and hanging with the awesome duo FangSmith.

As an added bonus, I totally found my inner Viking. As a big fan of the TV series Vikings, before we even went to the carnival grounds I headed over to a hair braiding stall run by the very lovely and talented Julia, and asked her to make me a Viking. She did just that. Three days later, I'm hanging onto these braid for dear life, I love them so much.

Here's some photos of the day. (photo credit to Megan of Fangsmith, who is not only an awesome vampire, but the awesomest photographer). Can't wait for next year!

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