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Character Profile: Mort

Let me introduce you to Mort. He's going to loom large in Shadow for a little while, the way men in ragged robes that hang out in dodgy laboratories and mess with the laws of nature always seem to do. You know, with the exploding test tubes and the lightning and the maniacal laughter...

Okay okay, so maybe not the maniacal laughter, Mort is far too classy for that.


Name: Mort (formerly Augustus of the Magnetic Cosmic Mystery. You'd shorten it too, right?)

Tribe: Muse

Distinguishing Features: A facial scar.

Age: 1463 (doesn't look a day over 263 though)

Family: All dead. Probably.

History: Not a chance loveys! Too many spoilers 😉

Favourite pastimes: Manipulating historical events from behind the scenes, hanging out in graveyards, plotting revenge. He did spend several hundred years wandering the wilderness in a fit of madness, but we won't count that because he's feeling better now.

Favourite Book: Clipping the genetic spiral: A theory of fairy evolution by Grantius of the Spiralling Oceanic Abyss (Don't ask, I never heard of it either)

Residence: A secure laboratory underneath Pixietown.

Love life: Nope.

Is he good? Is he evil? How does he feel about coffee? Some of these questions will be answered in Shadow Book 4: The Last Blasted Fairy. New to Shadow? Check out Shadow Book 1: Bloody Fairies.

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