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Character Spotlight: Emerald

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Emerald of the Green Dragon Dancer Tribe. Yeah, you've seen her. She's that girl lurking in the forest, all blonde curls and curves and big shiny axe, mercilessly hunting down any vampire foolhardy enough to set foot under one of her trees…

Wait, what's that? You haven't seen her? You weren't looking? You'd never presume? Darn right! She's deadly.

Born twenty seven years ago under a red moon in the crack of summer, Emerald became a problem the moment she could walk, run, and throw rocks at outsiders. At the age of five, she found a fetch eating her favourite doll. Within five minutes she'd turned it into a cloud of methane smoke; and within five years she'd waged such a vendetta that no fetch dared fly within a mile of Green Dragon Forest.

Emerald and her playmate Pan went on to wreak so much havoc during their teenage years that a general warrant was issued for their arrest - and never acted on, even when they broke into the Shadow City Theatre at age 16, disrupting a Guild production of The King Must Never Die Long Live The King by swinging from the chandeliers into the audience.

Of course the Chief then confined them to the forest, and a few years after that, a very bored Emerald decided it was time to get married. Or else.

For someone already quite dexterous at making bad decisions, it was, perhaps, not one of her finer moments...

Emerald bursts onto the scene about halfway through Shadow Book 3: Shiny Things, and stays in the action until...well, no spoilers.

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