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Dress like a Freakin Fairy

Need a costume idea this Halloween? Why not dress like a Freakin Fairy?

If you've read the Shadow series, you may have noted that Freakin Fairies are not always viewed with favour by the varied denizens of Shadow. And maybe that's because they're a big old bunch of introverts who prefer the company of trees to ongoing war and political instability.

But there are so many advantages to being a Freakin Fairy - the main one being, you control the most prized, scarce and only viable fuel source in Shadow: Quicksilver.

So, if you're looking for a cosplay, it's this easy:

  • Splatter a long black tunic and a pair of pants or leggings with a bunch of silver paint

  • Get yourself some fancy black boots with chunky buckles

  • Grab a cart full of liquid silver to drag around (or a bucket, whatever's easy)

  • Go play in the forest. Or, if that's not your jam, go for a stroll through the city, you're the richest fairy in town now

Have fun!

Want to see more Freakin Fairies? Pre-Order Shadow Book 3: Shiny Things!

Three freakin fairies stand in front of three carts overflowing with liquid silver

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