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Mapping Shadow (aka the mushroom curse)

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Here's a map of Shadow. You might notice, if you look closely, that the coastal regions appear to have been named by a somewhat fearful cartographer - which leads us to today's Shadow Fact.

Shadow Fact 356: In the year 1986 (approximately 1884 in human time), a group of muses set out from Shadow City to map the whole of Shadow. Several Freakin Fairies, intensely interested in this process and hoping to open up some trade routes, applied to join the expedition. However, the muses refused on the grounds they didn't want to be poisoned or cursed hairless halfway into the wilds of Shadow.

Naturally, this didn't go down that well with the fairies, who promptly cursed the chief cartographer to be unable to resist any mushroom he ever saw. The muses didn't think this was so bad, until the chief got into a patch the Bloomin Fairies had nicknamed Moonie Soonie you'll be Seein a Rocket. Say no more.

The cartography was duly completed, and the Chief eventually confined to a mushroomless part of Shadow City, but the damage was done: no muse ever did go to find out if there really were fire-breathing sharks at the Impasse, or what was so terrifying at the Big Bay of Terrifying Tidal Surge.

So, job done: Fairies one, muses zero.

a black and white map of Shadow showing mountains, trees, forests, lakes and a winding river. The oceans are called Big Bay of Terrifying Tidal Surge, Sea of Untimely Accidents, Night-Flickered Sea, Never crossing it Ever ocean is obscured by a rolled over portion of the map. There is a warning about Fire-Breathing Sharks under a narrow land bridge named the Impasse.
Map of Shadow

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