When the temptation to make a cheesy sketch show about vampires proves irresistible ...

You should totally make one!

Introducing my newest project, in collaboration with FangSmith, Gingergolds, and Glamour Goth:

‘Seen Any Vampires?’ is an urban-fantasy-comedy-sketch-improv You Tube series featuring fangs, fondue, psychics, and a little bit of too-real life advice - as well as the larger-than-life and twice as groovy vampire hunter Barry Mundi, (in)famous psychic Mystic Megan, Parthenia the Vampire Queen (straight outta Shadow!), and Dazzas Jnr and Snr.

Straight out of Donnybrook, Western Australia and completely unscripted, Seen Any Vampires features original vintage costuming, historically accurate lighting, amazing low budget special effects and more magical realism than you can poke a fang at.

Want to know more? Follow the picture to our channel, watch episode 1, and hit the notifications bell for updates - episode 2 will go live this weekend!

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