Song of the Serpent King | Colouring Competition

Welcome to the Song of the Serpent King Colouring Competition!

This is open to anyone of any age. I would like to invite you to download and print the image below, and colour it any way you like - crayons, pencils, oil paint, photo shop, whatever is your jam, I just want to see your art :)

When you're done, scan or photograph if needed, and post on Instagram or Facebook.

Instagram: Please use #songoftheserpentking and tag me @colouringtales

Facebook: Please use #songoftheserpentking and tag me @ninasmithauthor

If you're shy, email it to me - ninasmithauthor (at) gmail (dot) com.

I will share entries to my pages, and whichever one has a whole bunch of interaction by the time we're done (or maybe if I just just love it a whole lot) I will send you a signed copy of Song of the Serpent King, as soon as the books land on my doorstep.

Sound good? You know what to do!

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