The Song of the Serpent King

There's something about drawing snakes and trees that is endlessly fascinating: they curve and twist and flow, and it doesn't really matter how far you take the line, because those hypnotic shapes can fill the whole page.

I started drawing snakes and trees while we were in lockdown. In an uncertain and perilous time, those lines soothed my anxious mind.

And then, the story began to unfold. It was a story I had dreamed some years ago, and that floated just beneath the surface for all that time, patiently waiting for a way to be told, for a time when I could find a way to pour the images onto a page. I showed some people the early sketches, and they all said the same thing: I want to colour that in.

I loved that, I decided, because if you colour this in, it becomes your story, your art, as well as mine. It becomes something we share together, and that is beautiful.

The Song of the Serpent King is a colouring book and a tale: a tale of the ancient serpent people who once shared the world with humans, only to be driven underground where they now wait, calling for us to listen once more to their song.

The books are in production and will be available very soon. Follow me on Instagram at @colouringtales for all the updates.

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