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Dead Silent

Fresh out of psych ward and unemployed thanks to the last damn ghost she encountered, a cranky dead relative is the last thing Enda Wilson needs.

However, ghostly visitations are the least of her problems when she returns to her home town for the funeral of her cousin Selene.

Convinced there is far more to Selene's death than a drug overdose, Enda soon uncovers an ugly 40-year-old secret, a body count that is much higher than it should be - and a relentless killer who will stop at nothing to keep her silent.

Dead silent.



Preacher must die.

Mags McAllister has a gun in her glove compartment, a bottle of vodka under the seat and three hundred reasons to squeeze 
that damn trigger.

It’s not easy being an alcoholic atheist lesbian in the kind of town where the local scary cult owns the mayor, the mayor wants to ban alcohol, and your own father has a very bloody personal interest in saving your soul from Satan.

Mags has no intention of being saved. She’ll break every law ever made to get her father and his straight mates off her back – but when she uncovers the truly chilling scope of his ambitions, only hellraising of the first order will save her and the rest of Hailstone City from a cult on the brink of pure evil.

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