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Welcome to Shadow

A pitched war between good and evil  fought with blood, sweat and fairy dust.


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Shadow Book 2: Shade Struck

Shadow is in the grip of a nameless terror: The streets are empty, muses are missing, and Moon Troopers terrorise the night.

Flower will sort all that out when she's good and ready.

First, she must convince a bunch of Freakin Fairies to save the shade-struck Muse Champion from an untimely death. Then she'll go find her king and put an end to all this folly.

She certainly has no intention of getting caught up in anything illegal, like smuggling hundreds of tiny, trouble-making fugitives across worlds, fraternising with sworn enemies of the king, having a pitched battle with an evil she doesn't believe in, or ending up with a price on her head. After all...

Everything's fine. You can trust the king.


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