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Welcome to Shadow

A pitched war between good and evil  fought with blood, sweat and fairy dust.


Shiny Things Cover EBook.jpg
Shadow Book 3: Shiny Things

There's only one thing you can do when an ancient evil crashes your book launch and threatens your Mum:




When debut author Krysta Ishtar finds out her boyfriend is being held prisoner in a crumbling castle by some old guy with terrible dress sense, nothing will stand in the way of her hockey stick and a daring rescue mission through a world she never believed in...

Except maybe for the bloodthirsty army she's trying to outrun, a vampire splinter group who insist on talking about her feelings, a homicidal teenage fairy and an unexpected family reunion.

But even a blossoming alliance with the unstable (and unexpectedly good-looking) muse champion may not be able to save her from the deadliest peril in all Shadow:



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